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The Motorcycle Show in Milan (EICMA) set the stage for the reveal of the newest carbon fibre innovation by the wheelspecialist - the Rotobox. The new wheel stands out with great strength, elegant design, brutal performance, and uniquetechnology features. Its name tells it all - the Rotobox BOOST. 

The new carbon fibre wheel combines great elegance with even greater strength. Thanks to its seamless carbon fabricslay-up, the wheel has no visible joints or voids - and thus enables a boost of performance.

Besides the “invisible” joints, the BOOST`s elegant spokes are much less likely to be overlooked. The new spoke designprovides further aerodynamic improvements and although the spokes are thinner, the BOOST is stronger than ever -with a permissible maximal static load of 280 kg on the rear and 180 kg on the front wheel. Typically for the Rotobox, theweight of the wheel set is as lightweight as it gets, with 5.51 kg for the convex and 6.69 kg for the symmetric set.

The BOOST is produced using the Rotobox’ unique three-component composite - combining carbon, epoxy, and stainlesssteel. The stainless 2.5 mm steel wire is integrated in each side of the rim, increasing its impact resistance at the mostcritical outer part.

The process of producing the one-piece hollow carbon cast is an adaptation of the special pressure Resin TransferMoulding (RTM) technology. New to the BOOST cast - once taken out of the mould, it needs no further machining orphysical processing, which minimises the risk of cracks on the carbon surface. This makes the wheel more durablewithout compromising its performance or great responsiveness.

Additionally, the new high-pressure core technology achieves a higher density of armature in the composite, extrememetric accuracy, and a greater smoothness of the wheel surface. Not to forget: the wheel is watertight.