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ROTOBOX RBX2 wins multiple Plus X Awards

The newly developed ROTOBOX RBX2 carbon fiber wheels won the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle - the Plus X Award - in the categories Innovation, High Quality and Design. As a highlight the expert jury rewarded the RBX2 wheelset with the prestigious Plus X Award for “Best Product of the Year 2016/2017”. The plenary hall of the First German Bundestag in Bonn was the main stage of the Plus X Awards ceremony for the most innovative brands of 2016. Among this year’s biggest winners is ROTOBOX with their revolutionary RBX2 carbon fiber wheelset.

The international jury consisting of independent experts from 27 industries and the testing institute TÜV Süd, were highly impressed by the latest generation of wheels from the Slovenian based carbon motorcycle wheel specialist. Alongside the Plus X Award for Innovation, High Quality and Design, the ROTOBOX RBX2 wheels won the Grand Prix Award for “Best Product of the Year 2016/2017”.

With these awards Rotobox is honored for using innovative state-of-the-art technology, their product excellence and effort to deliver utmost quality and durability, as well as implementing complex technology into functional design. The final product speaks for itself. The RBX2 is the lightest carbon wheel on the market, without compromises in safety or material durability. The wheel is manufactured with RTM technology as a one-piece monocoque, making it the most solid and stiff. The mass concentrated in the center of the wheel makes the motorcycle not only easier to handle, it also allows a higher speed entering into the turn and accelerating after it. Not to forget, the rotational aerodynamic design and the reduced wheel weight result in a better fuel consumption.

According to ROTOBOX CEO Gregor Bizjak the success does not come by surprise. With their innovative mindset, engineering expertise and hard work, he and his team are constantly pushing the boundaries of carbon fiber usage for motorcycle wheels - and will continue to do so in the future.